A Student and Parent Educational/Career Conference involves school counselors, parents/guardians and students in a process that assists students to plan, monitor, and manage their own Individual Academic Career Plan.

Facilitated by the school counselor, these Conferences are scheduled during the school day from 7:45 AM until 3:45 PM. The length of the conference is typically 40-45 minutes and includes both the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the student.

Parents/guardians are key members of the conference team. Student and Parent Educational/Career Conferences are specifically designed to provide an opportunity for participants to gain insight into each student's dreams, development, and direction.

Conferencing provides parents the opportunity to discuss their student's talents, abilities and interests in a positive atmosphere. 

Topics of Discussion:

Student Goals and Dreams
Academic and Career Plans
Successful High School Transition, Grades, and Transcripts
High School Courses
Graduation Requirements

Students take responsibility for their future.
Students and parents/guardians share their thoughts and feelings.
Parent/guardians are more informed and involved.
Students and parents/guardians are motivated to be involved earlier in post-secondary planning.
Student apprehension about school and future goals is reduced.
A connection is developed between school, parents/guardians, and students to ensure academic success.

For more information about 8th grade conferences, please contact your student's school counselor or the School Counseling Office at (715) 623-4173 ext. 3201.